The Mughal rulers of India were always happy to retreat from the heat of the plains to the cool green heights of Kashmir, and indeed Jahangir’s last words, when he died in 1627 en route to the happy valley were a simple request for ‘only Kashmir’. The Mughals developed their art of formal gardens to its greatest height in Kashmir. Among Kashmir’s greatest attraction were the Nigeen lake houseboats. During the Raj period Kashmir’s ruler would not permit the British (who were as fond of Kashmir’s cool climate as the Mughals) to own land here. So, they adopted the solutions of building house boats – each one a little bit of England afloat on Nigeen Lake. A visit to Kashmir, it was often said, was not complete until you had stayed on houseboat.

since the houseboats were brought into the life to stay in by the british,Baktoo Family service then and above modify the houseboats into the modern style as good as stay in palace like mughal kings.For tourists visiting Jammu and kashmir.There is no greater space from the noise and hussle of the srinagar,a typically noisy asian city then the superly relaxing houseboats.As soon as you get out on the lake traffic,pollution and hassle pade away.The houseboats are all grouped in three areas i.e Dal Lake,Jhelum River and Nigeen Lake.Come as tourists and stay as Maharaja(King) and go like family memebers.Come and enjoy the holiday in Shahenshah group of house boats.

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